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Mods to Noisy Cricket, Ruby, Smokey LM386 Guitar Amp Circuit

I figured out the issue with the fuzzy, buzzy, intermittent output. Pretty simple. The power supply filter (220uF in this case) has to be close to the VS input, pin 6. As it's drawn on the Beavis site, it's on the power jack, so I put it there originally.

After moving the cap over to the board right next to pin 6 - voila! Problem solved.

Now I can move on to the fun part - tweaking the circuit.

I plugged in my trusty Gretsch 5120 and began to have at it.

The amp has pretty good clean tones out of the box. I want to focus on a couple of areas: getting the maximum crunch/grind out of it but still being able to have good clean tones; changing out the simple tone control for something that will offer more variety; and seeing if the 'grit' switch is worthwhile.

I also have a whole bunch of small speakers to try out. This is a sampling. I'd like to have one speaker in the enclosure so it can be used for practice. I've already wired a speaker out jack so the internal speaker will be switched off if an external speaker or cabinet is used.

Finally, I need to name this thing. It's going to be different than the Cricket, Ruby or Smokey circuits for sure. Same basic idea (and same chip) but different stuff happening in the circuit.


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  • T Am said...
    September 19, 2014 at 3:22 AM
    Any thing new youve tried? Im having trouble figuring out how to better the gain, any ideas?

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