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Installing Strap Button on Acoustic Guitar Neck

I didn't bother to post about the saddle creation and installation, since I've written about it before.  But the saddle is done, and the final setup is done.  So I have a playable Guild F-50 now!

While I had the guitar on the workbench, I went ahead and put a strap button on it.  There is one already on the end - the output jack - but I need one on the neck as well.

First we drill a pilot hole.  I made a small mark with an awl (see the arrow), and then drilled the hole.  I used a tape flag on the drill bit to mark the depth.

Couple of things here.  I debated about where to locate the button.  A lot of folks put them on the front edge of the heel - this is a good spot, but the button won't be level, and I think it looks bad.  I decided to put it on the bottom center of the heel - functional and symmetrical to boot.

If you plan to do more than, say, one of these, you might want to consider getting the drill bit and threaded tool from Stew-Mac.  It makes this job simple and virtually foolproof. 

After the pilot hole is drilled, we thread the hole with the threader tool.  This handy device has a threaded end, and a hex fitting on the other end.  Just thread the thing into the hole with a socket.

Do you need this tool?  Maybe not, but it sure makes this job easy.

Put a piece of felt on and then the strap button.  Pretty straightforward.

Stew-Mac just started selling these way cool wood and ivoroid strap buttons.  This one is snakewood.  I also have an ebony one which I may change to. 

Now that the guitar is done, the bench is cleared.  I'm a little tired of major guitar repairs (and I have three more in the wings...), so I may do something electronic next.


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