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Guitar Neck Lamination and Fingerboard Separation Repair

A lot of times these projects go off onto tangents before the main part of the work can get done.

Couple of cases in point here.  There are some small tasks to take care of before I can set to carving the neck for the reset.

The neck on the Guild is maple, and there is a laminated piece of contrasting-color wood - it may be walnut - set into it.  I just love that look.

However, the lamination on the heel end separated a bit during the steaming to get the neck off.  So I need to reglue it.

Nurse, quick!  45cc's of hot hide glue stat!

I'm using a 1.2mm needle in the syringe to inject the glue into the open seam.  I thinned the glue a bit this time, and I was able to easily pull it up into the syringe.

This is way more glue than I need.

I set the neck up in a vise with two cauls on the male dovetail and two on the heel.  The seam is open on part of the heel and part of the dovetail.

Then I shot the glue down into the joints.

After I closed the vise, I used two heavy c-clamps to squeeze the joint(s) closed at the top edges.

You might be able to see some of the glue squeeze-out that ran down the heel.

The pressure also cracked one of my newly-made big deal.

After the heel repair dried, I went to work on another task.  The fingerboard had also separated a bit from the neck during the removal.

So I put it in the vise with some cauls, glued it up and cranked it back together.

The binding around the fingerboard extension also popped off.  I tried to be careful with it, but it's probably better that it's off - it was just getting in the way since it was hanging loose for the most part.  I'll just reattach it later.


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