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Guild D-4 Neck Reset Complete

The Guild D-4 is finished.  Here it is in the garden.

This is a good quality guitar, pretty loud with solid bass.  I'm pretty sure this was the 'entry-level' model back when it was made in 1992, when Guild was still independent.

Solid spruce top, mahogany sides and neck, and laminated, pressed, arched back.  The last feature is found on virtually every Guild (except solidbodies) since the beginning of time, or 1954, when the company was founded.

Tone-wise, it spanks my old Taylor 410.  (Which is sold anyway).  This guitar isn't super fancy, but it sounds really nice.

Closeup of the body.

The lacquer has yellowed to that nice amber color some of us (most of us?) love in old acoustic guitars.

The re-gluing of the pickguard was somewhat successful.  Some of the edges are so curled that they still aren't totally flat - my guess is it will lift again.  Say la vee - which is French for 'whatever.'

The neck reset came out well.  The joint looks good.

There are dents and nicks all over the guitar - this puppy was played a lot.  But it's honest wear, and gives it mojo.

The action is fantastic - about 5/64 or so on the bass side.  And with the fret levelling, it plays pretty fast.

I made a new bone nut for it - hard to tell in this shot, but it's nicely polished.

Bone = tone, baby.

Unbleached bone saddle, bone pins with abalone inserts.  I also polished up the bridge with Shellawax - that wonderful Australian wood polish.


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