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Chickens Come to Visit Again

You may recall that my neighbor keeps some, shikkens.  There apparently was a turnover in the shikken coop - these are different ones.

I tink de racoons gotten to some o'dem.  Also de neighborhood cats dat wander aroun, dey may have got to dem also.

She had 5 originally, then there were like 2.  Now there are 4, and they are different ones.

Anyway, the three most adventurous ones came through a hole in the fence for a visit recently.  I was raking leaves and I heard "buck..buck..buckbuck."  I turned around to see 3 of the shikkens. 

These shikkens are much faster than the old ones.  Fast as in I cannot catch them.

I had to lead them to their pen (their backyard) instead of picking them up.  I just did the mother hen thing:  "buck...buckbuck" and they followed me.

Dey not too smart.


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