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Guitar Fret Polishing and Fingerboard Cleaning

After the frets are crowned, I take a small file and work on the fret ends. 

I like to take a few swipes over the edges of the bevel to make sure there are no sharp edges, and I also run it over the bevel itself to make them all identical.

 Then I go over the frets with these wonderful fret erasers from Stew-Mac.  The grades run from 180 to 1000 - great for taking file marks off and then polishing up the frets.

Then I cleaned up the fingerboard with Dunlop Fingerboard 01 Cleaner and Prep.  I just started using this a couple months ago, and I love it.

I bought the 4 oz. size and I'm wondering if they sell it by the quart.

Notice that I scrubbed it pretty fast with an old toothbrush.

This fingerboard was not too dirty, but here's the grime I cleaned off it in 2 passes of the cleaner.  The natural color of the wood really shows now.

Now a little bit of lemon oil.

Not just any lemon oil - the ultimate lemon oil!

Frets levelled and crowned, fingerboard cleaned and treated.

Those frets are super shiny and as smooth as the bottom of a baby!  This puppy's going to play great.


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