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Filling Chips in Guitar Neck Heel

Not much progress on the Ovation neck reset, or any other projects for that matter.

Had a crazy storm come through a few days ago and wipe out our power, so it's all dark (and rather warm) in the Dungeon.  Hopefully we'll be operational soon.

Before the electric went out, I had started in on filling a couple of chips on the neck heel.  I think these kind of chips are not too uncommon, but they are annoying.  I'm hoping when I get some new (better) chisels these problems will be minimized.

Fortunately I have a decent 'collection' of chips from shaving the neck heel. 

There are two small divots in the neck.  I took two of the bits from chiseling the heel and shaped them reasonably closely to fit the heel.  Obviously they're a little long, but I'll cut them to a more exact fit.  I just glued them in with Titebond.

Since the grain is the same, I think the repair should look pretty good.  It is the same hunk of wood after all.

The upside is they will have dried for days by the time I get power back.  Then I'll trim them, stain, and use lacquer to level them.  I'll also re-finish the bit of finish that got taken off the bottom. 


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