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CA Glue for Chip Fills on Guitar Finishes

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the Ovation and Flame projects. 

After waiting for the stain and lacquer to dry, I was able to take the next step in filling the holes. 

The area on the Flame fills - the part that was 'squished' by the old tuning machines - is pretty large.  So rather than just use lacquer to build up the height, I went straight to cyanoacylate - CA - or 'super' glue.

You can't use a thin CA for this - it will just wick into the finish.  So I used a medium glue.

After this dries, I'll scrape the glue down level with the finish, sand and polish it and it should be done.

I used lacquer to fill the chip on the Ovation neck heel.  It was looking good, but I'd be here for another month trying to build up the full height.  So I went with CA on that as well. 

Since there is no hole, just a chip, the finish will match perfectly - a rarity. 

And here's a glimpse of the next project here in the Dungeon.  It's an old guitar that was stripped of its hardware, which was sold off.  (Not by me). 

I wanted to see if the truss rod worked ok.  So I cleaned up the threads and put some anti-seize compound on them and tried it.

It woiks!  It lives!  The mummy lives!


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