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Easy as Cake Guitar Case Storage Compartment Handle

Many years ago the little handle/loop thingy on the storage compartment box in the Epiphone case came off.  I meant to fix it, but I never did.  And then, the guitar sat for a long time, so I totally forgot about it.

The guitar is going off to my niece for a birthday present, so I need to fix the loop.

Actually, I'm making a new one.  It's so easy even I can do it!

Whatcha need is one strip of fabric - preferably leather, but I used vinyl.  The fabric store only sells leather by the half-cow length, and that was way more than I wanted.  So vinyl it is.

I cut a strip about 1 inch (25mm) by 5 inches (1.25cm).  (Isn't this metric thing fun?  It's so...logical!)

In a previous post, I mentioned the punch I bought.  It didn't work on that project (punching an Altoids tin), but I knew I'd need it for something else.

Using my handy punch, I put some holes in the vinyl.

How easy is this?

Then I slip the new handle over the existing rivet in the case.  Voila!  New handle!


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