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Upgraded Gretsch 5120 Finished

A few 'beauty' shots of the upgraded Gretsch 5120.

I'm really digging the walnut color.  If you squint, it looks like George Harrison's Tennessean.  Sort of.

The pickups are astounding.  They make an incredible difference over the stock 'Gretschbuckers.'

A closer shot.  I now know why the TV Jones pickups are so highly regarded.  In fact, Gretsch puts them in the up-market 6120 variants.  That's the highest praise, I think.

The beautiful titanium Compton bridge.

The guitar sounds fantastic plugged in.  It also doesn't sound too bad acoustically either, especially for a guitar with a laminate top with a bunch of holes in it!

Now I'll get back to the Hickok troubleshooting.

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