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Saddle Relocation on Gretsch Soprano Ukulele, Phase One

I just picked up some new tools from Stew-Mac to work on the saddle relocation on the Gretsch ukulele.  They should come in handy for other projects too.

First is this flush-cut saw.  I probably could make this cut with a razor saw, but this one is so inexpensive it seemed like a no-brainer.  And for me, no brain pretty much describes it.

This saw has big teeth and is thin and very flexible.  Should be perfect to cut off the fixed saddle on the bridge.

Getting ready to make the cut.  I have learned that covering everything in the vicinity with tape is a good thing.

And, yes, I did move that C string out of the way before I cut!

There you have it.  Just about a perfect cut.  There is a tiny ridge I'll sand out, but otherwise this was a 5 minute job.


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