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Restoring the Headstock Decal on the Gretsch Ukulele (Attempting to)

The headstock decal on the little ukulele has some bubbles in it where it has lifted up over time.  It's not bad, but I want to take a shot at getting them down if possible.

On the decals I put on my effects pedals. I use a decal solution called Microsol.  It softens the decals to conform to a surface better.  It's good for fixing bubbles under a decal.

First you poke a hole in the bubble with a needle.  I found out that my decal is so old and brittle that some small pieces just broke off.  Ouch.

Then you just apply the Microsol - I use a paintbrush - and let it dry.

The bottom line is that some of the bubbles went down some, but the decal is so old, and the adhesive on it is so far gone, that there wasn't much of a change.

So I thought I'd also try putting some Microset on the decal.  This is designed to improve the decal's adhesion. I figured it was worth a shot. 

Again, after it was dry, little change.  It was worth a try.

Both of these products are made by Microscale Industries.  They have all kinds of other glues and products that are useful.


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