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Regluing Fretboard Ends

While the cleated/reglued back is drying, I can move on to some other repair work.  First up is regluing some bits of the fingerboard.

When I steamed the neck joint apart, a couple of pieces from the next-to-last fret came unglued and fell off.  I just need to glue them back to the fingerboard.

One thing that strikes me about this fingerboard is how thin it is.  I should measure it.  It's really thin.  Very thin, in fact.  The person(s) who put these ukus together must have had to be careful not to break the fingerboards.

The pieces came off recently, and I have handled them very little, so they fit perfectly back into place.  I just use some rubber bands to hold them on while the glue dries. 

There will be some gaps in the fingerboard to fill - I have a special concoction to try on those.  Stay tuned.


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