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Setting up the Silvertone-Harmony Baritone Ukulele

This whole project just goes to show that many times your 'new' vintage instrument needs some tweaking to get it going before you can play it.  But we're getting close.  Real close. 

I finally string up the ukulele.  No issues, other than the fact that I find doing classical ties at the bridge tedious.  The ukulele didn't have strings on it when I got it, and I had a vague concern that this was a reflection of some hidden issue that would reveal itself once it was strung up and tension put on it.

Fortunately, all is ok.   

I filed some preliminary nut slots.  I know for sure that the nut will need to be lowered, but I need a starting point. 

I said earlier that "all is well."  All is well unless you count my incredibly high action.  But that's ok, I expected it.  Now I just need to take some height off the bridge and the nut.

The very good news is that the neck is straight, and it sounds good.  Of course the strings are stretching like crazy, but what I do hear sounds nice.  Loud even.

My string height measurements and where I want to end up.  As I guessed, I'll probably take about 50 percent of the height of the bridge off.  Better that than starting with a bridge that was too low.

Since the uku wasn't strung up, I had no idea what to expect in terms of action.  Now I can work with the new bridge and nut and fine tune it.

I'm leaving the uku sit overnight with the new strings on it.  I'll be interested to see if the neck bows any.  It's probably been a while since it's been under any tension.


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