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Small Stone Clone - Final Bits, Pt 1

I haven't reported a lot of progress on the Small Stone/Piedrita phaser lately.  However, I have it painted and the graphics done.  It's ready for final assembly.  But then we had the Tropical Storm Formerly Known as Hurricane Irene come through town.  And then there was some painting of the Crawfish Abode.  Not to mention the catching up on a week's worth of La Vuelta a España recordings.

But last night I was able to get back to the workbench and start part one of the final phase of assembly.  I put the jacks and footswitch in.  Starting to look like a pedal now.

I also realized there is great irony between this pedal and the storms that have come through here recently.  That will play out shortly.

Despite the fact that I semi-carefully drilled holes the correct size for the pots, they turned out to be a couple of millimeters too small.  Good thing I have a round file.

This, by the way, is what is meant by "hand-built."

Now ze pots feet en ze hole exactly right, yes?  Yes.

Have to say I am totally digging these small pots. 


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