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GE P1910 "Jetstream" Transistor Radio

Here's another radio in my restoration queue awaiting some attention.  I keep sidetracking myself with other projects and have only worked on one radio over the last year or so.  Maybe this will inspire me to get going on some.

I have a whole slew of tube radios, which have been my main interest for years.  But more recently I have acquired a nice group of transistor sets, of which this is one.

It's a General Electric Model P1910 "Jetstream" from about 1965.  Made in Utica, New York, in the days when GE had a huge plant there.  I haven't even fired this set up, but I got it (free!) from another collector and my understanding is it works, but needs a speaker.  I have a handful of speakers which will work, I just haven't gotten a roundtuit as yet.

Three bands, BC, FM, and SW from 4 mHz to 12 mHz.  Has 17 transistors and a 4 inch internal speaker, along with a tone control and a 'Fine Tune' control.  Should be a good performer I would think.

Check out the Jetstream label on the lower left.  Really a period piece reflective of the 'jet-setting' mid-sixties, with the chrome trim and 'modern' styling.  Maybe this is a subtle suggestion that if you can't fly around the world like The Beautiful People, you can at least listen in on your Jetstream radio!

GE used to build some fine, underappreciated sets and I think this is one of them.


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