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Creating a Drilling Template for the Sili-Face

The saga continues on the fuzz build.

In the past, when I needed to drill holes for pots and switches, I marked the layout on the box.  Recently I discovered a better way (possibly) to do this.  Which, namely, is to make a drilling template.  I've used them for projects other than effects pedals, so when I started seeing them on the interweb, it was a mini "ah ha" moment.

So let us begin.

Armed with the box, some paper, a hole template, and the actual pots, jacks, LED holder and stomp switch, I go to it. 

I just folded the paper over the box.  In hindsight, I probably should have measured it a bit more accurately, as some of my final holes wound up being off by a few millimeters.  Not a big disaster, but part of the learning curve.

I used the hole template to determine the hole sizes for drilling the hardware.  This is a lot better than my usual method of holding a drill bit up beside the part and guesstimating what drill size is needed.

The hole template made me think of my school days when I learned drafting.  With actual pencils, drawing boards and t-squares.  I really enjoyed it.

Then I use the hole template to lay out the holes I'll need to drill.

The final template.  Not super accurate, but close enough for a proof-of-concept.   See how my drafting skills (not) come into play?

Then I just tape the template on the box and drill the holes.

This worked out pretty well.  I can see that I might make some stock templates in Photoshop and then just print them as needed.


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