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Basement Door Renovation, Pt 6, Mounting the Handle

Ok...back to the door!  (As opposed to back to the wall?)

On the last door I did, I actually had to measure where to drill holes to mount the handle.  Maybe because it was cheap, and they didn't want to come up with a template!

At any rate, this door came with a drilling template for the holes for the handle.  Easy enough for even me to use.

After the mounting holes are drilled, you just pass the square shaft (...right on...) through the center and connect the inside and outside handles together.

Den choo screw de ting in.

Mine binded a bit when it was mounted, so I took a round file and reamed the center hole out some.  Works fine now.


The next step is to mount the striker on the door jamb.  In my case there is no clearance at all between the inside handle and the jamb.  So, I need to mount the striker a little below the surface of the jamb.

I drilled the mounting holes and traced the outside of the striker plate.  My plan is to chisel out this rectangle so the striker can fit in it and be below the surface of the jamb.  This will make more sense in a bit.  I just need to take out a few millimeters of depth I think.

This will be good practice for me to chisel - as I am not good with a chisel in my hand.  Should be interesting.


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