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Fuzz Face Build - With Silicon Transistors

You may have wondered what in the world is happening with the phase shifter build.  It's still alive, sort of.

When I was tweaking the feedback, it gave a loud screech, which was not too surprising.  I figured it was just going a bit too far on the feedback, and I'd dial it back.  What is surprising is that it now is not phasing at all, in either mode of the color switch.  It is passing signal with the effect engaged, but just not woosh.

I checked all of the connection and measured voltages on all the ICs.  All seem ok.  I'd like to just swap some other ICs in, but I don't have any extra CA3080s, so I ordered some from Small Bear.  They should be here soon.

But in the meantime, I'm starting in on another pedal build.  This is Aron Nelson's "Sili-Face II," a Fuzz Face clone using silicon transistors instead of germaniums.  I have all the parts on hand, so I'm gonna put it together.

I found a stripboard layout on the interweb, so I've decided to build it on that.

There are not too many parts, so I should be able to pull this together in a short time.  Then I can get back to the phaser.


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