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Tweed Bandmaster Pro Clone - Continuing the Chassis Assembly

Before I go too much further with the chassis wiring, I need to drill holes in the cabinet to mount the chassis.  It's a lot easier to do this now than to wait until the chassis is finished, has the transformers mounted and weighs a lot more and is hard to handle.

It's pretty much a case of lining the chassis up (upside down where the mounting points are), making a small mark and drilling the holes.

There is a bit of leeway since the holes are oval-shaped. 

It is a little nerve-wracking to drill the holes in that beautiful tweed.  I quadruple-checked my measurements before I drilled the holes.

This is the test fit.  It looks good.  You'll see a gap between the back edge of the chassis and the cabinet back - but I can close this up by just sliding the chassis back.  It does line up exactly - I just had to hold the chassis with one hand and the camera with the other for the picture. 

As Harrison Ford said in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark': "Trust me."

You get a good idea of what the amp will look like.

I think I mentioned the chassis is from Weber.  There is this "Laser Film" on part of it.  I just pull it off.

The power transformer cutout lines up perfectly for my transformer, but the holes in the chassis don't line up with my Mercury transformers.  From looking at Weber's site, it looks like they use the same choke and output transformers for their bigger tweed kits, and the holes are most likely not the same as the Mercury transformers, which are exact copies of originals. 

So I hop over to the old drill press and make a couple of new holes.  No big deal.


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