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Tweed Super Pro Bandmaster Clone Build Begins

Now the real fun on the tweed amp build begins.

I've ordered a bunch of parts, including a Weber chassis, and am ready to get going.  I decided not to go with a treble/bass/presence tone control circuit, but rather a treble/mid/bass (aka 'TMB') circuit.  The player who will be using the amp wants clean, clean, clean, and I figure the ability to cut midrange will help.

I'm working off the Bandmaster (5E7) layout as well as the Weber 5E7M layout, since it's the Weber chassis I'm using.

I rounded up some of the parts for this 'unbeauty' shot.  At the left is the chassis (which actually is beautiful), some of the capacitors and resistors, and the power transformer, choke and output transformer.

For my Vibrolux clone build, I went with Mercury Magnetics transformers.  They are not cheap, but the quality and reputation they have is excellent.  So I decided to go with them again for this build, since I'm trying to get the absolute best tone I can conjure up.

I have a couple new ideas I'm going to try out with regards to the grounds in the hope that the amp will also be super quiet.  You'll see those things play out as we progress.


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