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Fostex FE126En Full Range Speakers Ready To Test

Everything's connected and we're ready to go.

Here are a couple of shots of the 'completed' speakers on the workbench.  I'll have to get some better pictures of them where the lighting is better at some point.

Finally, after thinking about some full ranges for about 10 years, I finally did it!  Now, I'm wanting to see what they sound like - duh.

And a picture from the back.

I connected them (well, one of them since it's mono) up to the '42 amp for a tryout.  I listened to the classical station I listen to a lot - using one of my Dynaco FM-3s.

First impressions:  I need to build a baffle step compensation circuit.  I knew I would, but I wanted to try them 'pure' with nothing other than the speakers and the boxes so I had a baseline of sorts. 

The midrange, upper mids and treble are relatively 'crispy' and pronounced compared to the bass, but this is where the BSC will even out the response.  As for the bass...well, it's there but it's reduced in level - I think because I have no sound absorbent in the boxes yet and because the amp has a Hammond 125E output trans in it.  I do have a 125CSE I have been planning to put in it, and that's the next project.  

Having said all of the above, I am excited about the possibility.  With some tweaking, I really expect these little things to come to life.  Already I can hear why full ranges are so popular - the mids are really fantastic, and there is detail galore.  I was hearing real clarity on strings and was hearing percussion (cymbals and bells) that were just crystalline.  Once I get the balance resolved, and get an OT that puts out more bass, it will be something to hear!


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