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I've Got a Hole in My Fullrange Speakers

In our last installment, we were introduced to Mr. Heavy Duty Hole Cutter.  This is a device that hopefully will make perfect holes in our boards so we can put stuff in them.

Here we see the Hole Cutter in action.  You align the drill bit in the center of your hole and then align the blade with the outside of the circle.

Turn on the drill press and GOLLY! it's working!


It also makes a lot of sawdust!

Here's one of the holes in the back that will house a terminal cup.  Absolutely perfect.  Compare this to my slightly-less than square edges...or not.

Since the first cuts were so successful, I decided to get real crazy on the port holes.

The Fostex speaker design as drawn shows a bit of a countersink for the port.  I decide to take a shot at creating this.

There's about a 2 mm difference between the inside and outside diameters of the port.  So I set the Hole Cutter (it did such a cool job it gets its name capitalized...) to the smaller diameter (50mm) and cut the outside hole just to about halfway through the board.

Then using the same hole center, I flip the board over and cut the bigger diameter (52mm) on the inside. 

You see the result - I made a countersunk hole!  I also made a crazy flanged donut!

Now I can position the port into the hole and have a smooth transition into the front of the panel.  This will be clearer when I mount the port.

Here's a finished front-and-back pair.

Now we poot ze whole ting together, yes?  Bwhahaahhahaahhahaa.


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