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On Your Marks...Start Soldering!

When I did the planning for the '42 Amp, I drew a component location diagram for the filter cap section of the power supply.  The schematic has the filters drawn like, well, a schematic.  As we know, the actual layout can vary. 

I came up with a fairly compact and sort-of-tidy layout for it.  The B+ off the rectifier comes in on the far left of the terminal strip where the first filter (10 uF) and the first dropping resistor (the 5w 680 ohm) are.  Then we go to the 100 uF (!) and finally the 22 uF.

It was a lot easier to wire this off the amp - I got the layout exactly as I wanted and was able to run leads that can go to the appropriate places in the circuit.  The right leg of the terminal strip will serve as the main power supply star ground.


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