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Dissasembling the Dynaco PAS Beast, Pt. 2

Now I'm going to take the selector switch out of the PAS.

I desoldered most of the connections that go from the switch to the input board.  There are also a handful of connections that run to the phono board PC-6.  I just snipped those off, since I'll be removing that board and replacing it.

There are two nuts that hold the switch in place - one on the outside of the front panel as we saw previously, and one right on the front of the chassis.

I'm so strong that I can just loosen the nut by hand!  (Kidding).  It took the 1/2 inch wrench to loosen it but then I can remove it by hand.

Here we have the whole selector switch removed from the preamp.  Good thing I didn't try to unsolder everything from the switch wafers...I'd still be going at it.

I think as an experiment I may put the switch up for sale on e*a* and see if anyone takes it.  If you wanted to be totally original, you *could* clean it up and reuse it.

Don't know if I mentioned the mods I did before - mainly put Orange Drop caps on the PC boards.  Those I will scavenge.  I also put a sprinking of Riken Ohm resistors on there too...and I'll save them as well.

Here's the semi-barren PAS chassis.  Both PC boards are removed, the selector switch is gone, as is the Wacky Mod.

Here's what remains to be done:

- Clean up the input board.
- Clean up the pots.  I am not going to use the tone controls (bypassing them) so I want to take off most of the unnecessary wiring and the caps mounted to the pots.
- Add a sprinking of different components to the new PC boards.  I want to replace a couple of the Illinois Capacitors that came on the new boards with Orange Drops (716Ps), and I want to switch out a couple of the signal resistors with the old carbon comp ones.  I know, call me crazy.  I also have a Big Secret Plan for replacing the output caps on each board.  Bwahahaha!
- Take off the old filament rectifier and filter caps.
- Install the new SDS board.
- Install the new PC boards.
- Install the new selector switch.
- Install the new Alps volume pot.
- Wire the whole enchilada.

Sounds like quite a bit, but it should go quickly.


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  • Toy Making Dad said...
    March 2, 2010 at 3:33 PM
    Impressive. You have an amazing eye for detail. A question though: When you 'Wire the whole enchilada' are you going to re-stuff it with the original beef and cheese mixture and use a vintage tortilla to wrap it? I understand these will leak less.

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