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When Is Mold Not a Mold?

Now I'm a-gonna get the ugly wiring into a nice Wiremold piece.  I can't tell you how tired I am of looking at the ugly wiring on the floor.

The PO had raised the floor and put carpeting over it.  So the heater and AC wiring just ran under the floor.  Since we've taken out that false/subfloor, we have to do something with the wiring.

There are two 12 gauge lines - one for the AC outlets and one for the heaters.  Then there are 2 coax lines - one for each of the outlets.  And the is the data line and a phone line.  A lot of cables, in other words.

Running them through the Wiremold is pretty easy.  There are two sections inside the piece.  The instructions say to run any power lines on the top piece, which is what I do.  Everything else goes in the bottom section.

Here you can see the end that butts up to the floor molding.  The wires go into into an opening I cut there.

I take a Wiremold connector piece that has a hole in it.  The idea is that you can use it somewhere in your run and have cable come up out of it.  I need to do this on the end because I have the four data lines running back out from behind the wall to connect up to the switch.  I'm going to cut the Wiremold cord opening piece in half and have it butt up against the floor molding.

In looking at this thing close up, I realize the floor molding actually tilts back on a slight angle.  Since I want the end of the Wiremold to fit right up to the molding, I need to figure out what the angle is and cut the piece to the same angle.

I have this handy angle-measuring protractor.  You just lay the protractor up against the two pieces you're measuring, and then tighten up the wing nut on it so it will hold the angle.

This is great for anywhere you have two pieces joining - molding, etc.  You can then cut and get a precise fit.

With the protractor "locked" in place, I just transfer the angle to the Wiremold piece like so.  The angle was 4 degrees I believe.

Then we cut the piece with our trusty X-Acto razor saw.  The actual angle of the cut is pretty visible in this picture.

Test fit against the molding.  Looks pretty good I think.


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