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A Switch In Time

Only a few things remaining now that the heaters are wired up and the thermostat is in place.  The biggest job is finishing up the network wiring, the cable and the phone line.

I bought an el-cheapo switch - it's a D-Link.  Cause, it make de link to de innernet.  In the pixture, you can see the green arrow pointing to it.  It's just a box that takes the input from the router in the basement and lets you plug in as many as 4 (four) computers to it.

All of the wiring for the network was pulled through to one outlet, so I just wired up the appropriate connectors and connected them to the switch.

Amazingly enough, it actually works!  I brought my laptop out to test it.

This is where the data lines all converge.  Two of them are for jacks elsewhere in the room.  The third will be right at this opening.  It's a little messy; I had to put jacks on the ends and then run them to new, shorter bits of cable.  It's not real pretty, but it woiks.

Proof that this ting really works.

The main "input" from the Verizon router goes to jack one on the switch.  The three data lines go to jacks 2, 3, and 4, respectively.  So we have line 1 lit up and line 4 lit up - they're both live.

Whoo hoo!

I am starting to tidy up the wiring.  I mounted the switch on the wall.  The lines from the three drops come out from the wall and go into the switch.

There is a mess of cable inside the wall, but ain't nobody gonna see it...eventually.


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