Crawls Backward (When Alarmed)

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Slap a label on it

With the inserts in the neck, the finish line is in sight, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there are two chickens in every pot.

Next step is to put the decal on the headstock.  I used Photoshop to create a bunch of decals.  Used a color laser printer to print them off.  I ran a bunch of duplicates in case I made a goof.  You can see from the decal sheet I planned for a bunch of goofs!

I used the MIM 50's Tele neck we're replacing as a 'model' for where to put the decal on the headstock.  Unlike the Surfcaster, this geetar doesn't have a model name.  I'll be honest - I just couldn't come up with one.  So, I took the "Nocaster" route and just used a plain Crawfish Guitars decal.

Using my trusty X-Acto knife, I cut a decal off the sheet. I tried to get as close to the actual decal as possible, so there won't be a lot of overhang.  I'm going to use Micro-Sol on the decal, so it should blend in well with the neck, but it's still good practice to trim the decal fairly close.

I'm not showing the next step, which is to soak the decal in a small bowl of warm water to release it from the backing. I figure you can get a mental picture of's not brain science, after all.

Right before I put the decal in the water, I had used a small clean paintbrush to put some Micro-Sol onto the area where the decal is going to go.  If you're not familiar with Micro-Sol, allow me to introduce you.

This stuff is pretty amazing.  Basically it softens the decal and makes it bond better with the mounting surface.  In practice, it pretty much eliminates any of the decal 'film' that you frequently see in these types of decals and makes them look painted on.

This particular bottle is real old. I mean like 15 years.  I used it here, but soon afterwards I ditched it and ordered some more.  I don't know what the shelf life of this stuff is, but my guess is it was probably losing its whatever it has to do what it does.  Or something like that.

Micro-Sol, btw, is real cheap - like $3.95 a bottle. They also make some other solvents, including "Micro-Set," which is designed to help set decals. I bought some of that too and will experiment with it in the future.

Place the decal where choo want it, and then brush some more Micro-Sol on it. Then, let it dry.  The decal will be very soft at this time and moving it may tear it.  Don't touch it, don't pass Go, don't collect $200.


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