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Red Tele, Pt. X, in which we get jacked up

It's probably taken, check HAS taken me longer to get the pictures and description up here than it took to do this work.


But, Fthfl Rdr, I am back and we will get to the end!

This step probably wasn't necessary, but I really dig these Electrosocket Telecaster output jacks, so I had to plunk one on the 'ol Internationalcaster. First order of business is to take the old Tele jack off. It's pretty easy...just undo the retaining nut...if you do this I encourage you *not* to use pliers as you'll just tear up the nut.

Once the jack is off, you'll need to pull out the retainer clip. This is the little device that holds the jack in the guitar body - it's wedged into the output jack rout hole. This thing causes people a lot of grief and is the prime reason these jacks get changed out. I read online where lots o' Tele players have issues with the jacks working their way loose. I can imagine that, but only if the guitar is abused a lot. The basic design is pretty sound I think.

But of course here I am changing mine out, so go figure.

The real reason I'm swapping this one out, in truth, is because I really like the look and design of the Electrosocket jack. It's a great design and it looks amazing. Even if nobody will know it's there!

The socket has an internal thread to accept the male (external) thread on a standard 1/4 jack. So, choo joost screw ze jack into de socket and dere choo are.  Easy for even me to do.

You want to make sure at this point you have soldered the output leads from the control panel to the jack, otherwise you'll wind up mounting the jack and had a "d'oh" moment when you realize it ain't all hooked up.

Now comes the fun but slightly scary part. Slip the jack into the hole in the side of the body, align it the way you want, and drill pilot holes. Do not, do not, I repeat (!) do not just try to mount any screws like this an any geetar without drilling pilot holes first.

I can't remember the exact size drill I used, but you can figure that out I would think.

I just go for broke (heh heh), and hold the body sideways and drill the holes. You don't need to go far, but unlike the tuner screws or neck screw holes, if you go a bit too deep Nothing Bad Happens.

After the holes are drilled, just drive the screws in and Voila! you have a way cool lookin socket on yer Tele. Seriously, how killer does that puppy look in there? I love it when function and appearance come together as one.


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