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Aloha, Hawai'i, Pt. 1

Well, after being back on the Mainland for almost two months, I think it's time to wrap up the Hawai'i trip. I have a handful of sunset shots I wanted to post before we get back to the normal junk I usually post.

I never got any super-clear nights to take sunset pictures I suppose I'll have to go back and try again. Soon.

This one was taken in Lahaina hanging out the back window of Bubba's Shrimp Company. Yes, it's a total tourist trap. No, the food is not great. But it's right on the water and the views are way cool.

The colors in the sunset were great - a variety of pinks, maroons, purples...this is another angle - more toward the east - at Bubba's.

Unlike most of my other pixtures, if you click on these, you'll see a bigger version. Why'd I do that? Eh, cause I could.

This is the requisite 'island' sunset shot. This was taken the day before the Bubba's ones I believe. Haddta get the palm trees in the picture. Once again, it wasn't real clear, but I kinda liked the effect of the twilight over the beach and water. This was at the western end of Maui.


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