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Kool Kat

Meet Frida.

She's one of two cats that roam this part of the neighborhood. The other cat is smaller and white. The white cat's not so cool as Frida.

I've seen Frida on numerous occasions while I've been working on the sun room project. Usually she's too quick for me to take pictures of, but this time I captured her doing what she does. Which, basically, seems to be roaming the neighborhood.

On this day, she was actually planted on the front porch. Sitting, watching, listening.

I was fortunate to be able to get her picture there.

Then she went to the side of the house to go through a hole in the fence to the neighbors' yard. I've seen her do this a bunch of times.

I also got a shot of her on the side of the house - she looks like a little tiger in the brush.

One day last fall, I managed to pet her. It was a chilly day, and she was in the back yard. She let me pet her - she was sunning herself on the patio where the stones were warm.

I'm not a big cat person, I'm much more of a dog person. But some cats are way cool. And Frida is one of them. I like her color, and her eyes are very cool.

BTW, I have no idea who she belongs to or what her real name is - I just call her the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.


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