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De-structo, Phase Two

After the tile/staple/adhesive removal, we move on to destruction. Always a fun part of a renovation.

Out comes my Stanley pry-bar (pry bar?) and off we go. There was some semi-hokey molding which I need to rip out before I put up the drywall. So off it comes. A little pry, a little pull and off it goes. Maybe it's obvious, but there are nails that held the molding on - highly advisable to wear gloves to take this stuff down. Don't want to get nail holes or splinters into our geetar-playing hands, do we?

It also helps to have proper tools to do this sort of thing. I suspect some folks would try to use a screwdriver (!) but a pry bar (or bars...I have 2 with different heads) is the Device O' Choice.

Plus, there is something udderly cool about having the right tool for a job - going to the tool box and selecting it. What fun.


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