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Wiring the pickguard

Now we're a-gonna start wiring up the pickguard. One of the nice things about the Stratocaster design is the fact that all of the electronics, except the output jack, are all on the pickguard. This really helps when building one or troubleshooting/upgrading.

Our pickups of choice (today, anyway...) are Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots. They're handmade in lovely Richmond, Virginia, USA and they have a great reputation for excellent tone. And that ees vhut is all about, yes?

Before we get to the pickups, we bolt zee potentiometers (aka 'pots') onto the pickguard. Here I'm using my trusty Sears Craftsman 1/2 open end wrench to do the job. The pots are CTS; I'm going with the standard master volume, but with a master tone and a third pot as a blender. In the first or fifth positions of the switch, ve can meex in ze bridge or ze neck pup. Cool, yes?

After the pots and switch are installed, we put the pickups on. I took this shot mainly because in all the images of pickups out there, I've seen very few that show how you actually attach them. Maybe it's so logical that one doesn't need a picture, but here we are anyway. Run the screw through the guard, put on the rubber adjustment grommet, and then screw into the base plate of the pickup.

You can also see the aluminum backing plate I'm installing as part of the shield.


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