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We're waxing up our Surfcaster....

(With apologies to Brian Wilson).

I had this image on the vintage digital camera and must have missed uploading it earlier. Vhut ze heck ees zat?, choo say. Well, when we put screws into a hardwood like maple (which our neck is made of) it helps to put some wax on them the first time they're driven in. So I have a tea candle from one of those Ikea packages of 100 tea candles on the bench for times like these. So this is part of the process - get some wax onto the screw threads.

Looks like I'll need a new one soon - the wax is breaking up into a million (maybe just several hundred thousand) little pieces.

So, where are we?

Right right. Back to assembly.

One of the things I did in the interest of shielding and proper wiring was to create a star ground. You can see it here - just a ground tab screwed into the body - hard to tell from this picture, but it's just a little 'north' of the bridge pickup in the control cavity. I'll tie all the grounds - pickups, signal ground, and trem claw - to here.

More coming up - I need to go get the pictures off the digital camera.

But first, a little digression into a semi-political mode. Seems the New President has managed to take $800 billion dollars in spending, wrap it up into a shiny new "stimulus" package. In said package, there are such items as a skateboard park, a Maglev railroad running from Disneyland to Las Vegas (I kid you not) and apparently millions to state governments to spend on their pet projects. So, whaddya think - is it too much for Yr Fthfl Blogger to ask for a lousy few grand to accomplish some of his pet projects outta da basement?


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