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Run Run Run

Unfortunately, mainly because I am lazy, but partially because I didn't want to wind up getting lacquer on my vintage digital camera, I didn't get any of ze pictures of ze painting. But I sink choo can figure out how it goes. Choo shake em up ze can, choo press ze button and choo point at ze neck.

Every 3 coats I wet sanded with 400 grit paper. You will see from these shots that I got a run and some orange peel. You may have heard of the legendary 'orange peel,' and here ve see it on the fretboard. But WE do not fret, because here, kids, the beauty and easy-to-work-withness of lacquer really (ahem) shines. Do not panic, do not throw a fit when you see runs and orange peel in yer paint! Take a deep breath, be careful NOT to breath those fumes in and wait for it to try. Good quality sandpaper (the kind which you CANNOT get at The Home Despot...) is our friend!

After letting the paint dry - I let it go about a week - choo can sand eet. More in ze next post, yes?


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