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That's Some Heavy Knurl, Dude!

Comrades! I have news to report from the secret workshop!

Last evening I come home from the Volga plant after long day working on underbelly of great State beast. I work hard because as we know, in Socialist country, the pay corresponds to work. In mail slot of flat I find small package from Virginia, USA. I open. Contains knobs of the heavy knurled type found on early 50s Fender Broadcasters from USA. I put on Candy Apple Red Telecaster, da? can see the original 60s style knobs that came on my MIM 60s Tele. A little history - I got the body on *b*y and the seller turned out to be none other than the justifiably famous Don Mare! Don makes the world's finest Telecaster pickups. He is also an insane guitarist. A while after I bought the body, I ordered some pickups from him and mentioned I was the bloke who bought the red body. He told me he had picked up the whole geetar cheep from "a kid down the street who needed money," took off the neck and sold the body because he only plays pine bodies now because of the weight. (Pine is lighter than alder, which this one is).

The neck came from the semi-legendary 'Stratosphere' e*b* store. It's a MIJ 60s reissue. Slim C-shape neck with rosewood fingyboard.

I really dig this guitar (although I wish it was 1 lb or so lighter...) and have Big Plans For Personalization. Bwhahahahahaha.

Enter Callaham Guitars - where I snagged (for the mere price of 2.5 million rubles) Bill Callham's most cool Broadcaster Heavy Knurl knobs. I have one on a blond Tele and they are most cool in appearance and funcshunality. You can just twirl them with your little finger - great for volume swells ala Roy Buchanan (who I ain't, and none of use are, but you get the idea in concept anyway).

Just lookit how much cooler they look than the originals. (Although the originals do have a nais say quo 'coolness' of dere own...). The 50s knobs are like 'rough and ready' while the 60s style is more refined. Or something like that.

And even a dunderhead like Yr Fthfl Blggr can easily take off the old, put on the new. Twist twist twist wit de leetle screwdrivel, and on and off zay go! I go to play 'Back In The USSR' now, comrades. And remember, save your rubles!


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